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Saturday, October 6, 2018

4 Years have past....

Hello there!

Looking back at my posts, I see that it has been 4 years since my last blog. Yikes! Where does the time go?? 4 years ago I had turned 40 and had a tad bit more energy and memory space! I apologize for my lapse in writing!

What has been going on? My business Stop! Doggie Time! is now in it's 11 year of service. That's A LOT of miles and sneakers! I have tired out quite a few doggies out there! Also just recently my business was invited to the Better Business Bureau to become an accredited business. How cool is that? 

My boy Parker is doing really well. The boy has attitude! Example- If he doesn't get what he wants (mostly food/treats) he will 1st, stare at you from the corner of his eye. If that doesn't work, he will grab one of his toys and start doing laps in the house with it shaking and growling at it. Eventually if he still doesn't get his way, he goes to bed. This boy is too much!! 

                                                         Nope.. No attitude here!

He has come a long way from when I 1st brought him home 5 years ago. I am truly grateful for finding him and him picking me to be his Momma. 

I recently lost a client who I have been taking care of for over 6 years. She was a little pug who was pretty close to celebrating her 17th birthday. Her name was Aspen and she was a sweet little dog. Losing her sure has left a whole in my heart. It truly opened my eyes just a little more as to what life is about and our duties in this world to be kind and gentle to the ones that have no voice. There is too much violence, abuse and neglect against these babies and it needs to stop. If you have a fur baby at home, give them an extra squeeze and maybe that treat they have been wanting, you never know when the world can turn upside down.

I think I need to get Parker his treats now, he is truly staring a hole in the side of my brain!

Good night!

Monday, June 23, 2014

You may not be paying attention... but they are....

I've been walking dogs for 7 years now and have been around dogs all my life. We all want our babies to have their manners and basic commands down. We will take the time to teach them to sit, stay, come, etc.... Sometimes it takes some time for some dogs to get it and it can get a bit challenging but with a little patience and persistence, they succeed!

Have you noticed things that you say or do that your dogs get as if you trained them on purpose?

A few years back, my sister was away on travel for a good part of the year and I was taking care of my boy and my nephew. My nephew was on a eating schedule and had dinner every night at 5. We all know that dogs know how to tell time. (Although when we do a time change, they are off the hour but eventually get caught up). Every day at 4:55 Diego would start on me that dinner time was approaching. Diego was one of those that he would get right up to your nose (doesn't touch you but a sheet of paper width apart) and stare at you until you got up to feed him. Meanwhile, my boy Sebastian would sit in the back ground and let Diego do all the work. Dinner time came and I would say "fine" and off we went into the kitchen. Every day I would say fine to dinner or even to go out for a walk, not realizing that they were picking on this word and knew when that was said something was going to happen. I never realized that I was training them with the word fine, until my sister came back, had no idea of this, and one day said the word fine and the boys were at her feet. Uh Crystal......

When I walk my clients we tend to get on a path that we take and some of the neighborhoods would be a cul de sac to where we just walk to the end and turn around. Well, a couple of my clients that I have been walking for a few years now, I noticed I "trained" them with the word "OK". We would be walking and if I wanted to turn around and go back my one girl Binx would do a 90 degree turn to go back the other way. It was something I didn't notice until recently that they picked up on me saying "OK" and knew what I meant by that. Sienna was another pooch that picked up on that as well and to me that is pretty cool.

Another two "cool cats" that I walk, we tend to walk up and down side streets in their hood and when we walk to the end of the street, I would make sure there were no cars coming and say "OK, lets cross". I have been walking these two for a few years as well and had no idea that they picked up on me saying OK, lets cross. The second I say it they are crossing the street with me! Pretty cool...

Dogs are pretty amazing creatures and beyond smart. They are similar to little kids that are learning to talk, very impressionable and will pick up on what you say! Now if they can get sit & stay as fast as they learn "OK, lets cross" we'll be all set! Pay attention and watch what you say around these guys! :)

                                     Monday Funny.....


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Parker's typical morning...

It's Sunday morning and I'm sitting here with my cup of tea and have Hotel for Dogs on the tube. I thought I would talk about my boy and what a "Parker morning" consists of. First of all, Parker is NOT a morning dog at all. If I have an early client and am able to come back after my first walk, he stays in bed until I come back. He rarely gets up before 9! I'm so glad I don't have my other job where I had to get up at 5, he wouldn't make it! He sleeps in his bed and likes to be under a blanket. I have him to where if I ask him if he is "Chillus" he nudges the blanket and that tells me that he is chilly and is ready to go under the blanket, most times that is where he stays. There is the rare occasion where he will get up in the middle of the night, make a little whimper to wake me up to tell me that his blanket came off and he needs it back on. (And we think we train them, ha!)

Then morning rolls around....

I get up, make my tea, turn on the tube and there is still no movement from under the blue blanket. As the morning continues and I make a little more noise, I look over and will sometimes see this.....

By all means is this little boy in a hurry to get up in the morning! My kind of guy! This look will usually last for a good 10 - 15 minutes and then I get this....

Slowly crawling out from under the blanket and I usually get a big yawn. 

But when that blanket is off, all bets are off! The first thing he goes for is his ball. He hasn't even stretched yet and he's rolling a ball across the floor. We play for a minute and then outside he goes. His main priority in life is the ball. He doesn't "ask" to eat or to go potty, he wants to play. I have to take him for a walk to get him to potty because he will not go in the yard. That is his playground, not his bathroom! When I first rescued him, it had been a couple years since I had my Sebastian (so I fell out of practice with time and dog duties) and there were times when it would be 9 at night and I would realize that he didn't eat dinner yet. Parker wasn't the least bit interested in food, his interest was in a green tennis ball. I would ask him if he wanted dinner and he had the expression on his face like, oh yeah food, sure why not! He would eat and then.. you guessed it right back to it!

He reminds me of when I was little and if we were swimming and had lunch, we would have to wait a half hour before we could go back in the pool cause we would get cramps. Parker is somewhat similar to where he has to wait a little bit after eating before he can play again because he will get sick. Talk about a hard task to accomplish! He will be persistent with trying to get you to play with him and if you ignore him, you will get this....
Needless to say, this little guy keeps me on my toes and if I let him, he would go at it 24 hours a day! I love this boy and am so glad to have found him.

So as one can imagine, at this moment, Parker is patiently waiting for a ball to be thrown. And as I am writing this, I look over to my door and see this...
Parker peeking under the door, saying.. "Hey Mom! You going to throw the ball yet?" On that note, I am going to finish this story and tend to my obsessed little boy. Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How about holistic veterinary medicine for your pet?

What is holistic medicine?

Holistic Medicine is the examination and diagnosis of an animal, considering all aspects of the animal's life and employing all of the practitioner's senses, as well a the combination of conventional and alternative modalities of treatment. A holistic vet in addition to giving the pet comprehensive physical exam, they want to find out about its behaviors, distant medical and dietary history, its environment including diet, emotional stress and other factors. Techniques used in holistic medicine are gentle, minimally invasive, and incorporate patient well being and stress reduction. When presented with a "disease", the holistic challenge lies in the question of "why?" With a series of analytic observations and appropriate testing the goal and finding the root source of the pathology. A simple appearing symptom may have several layers of why its happening. Only when the cause is found is there a possibility for a lasting recovery. Once the symptoms have been treated, the task is not complete until the underlying disease patterns have been redirected. The dog as well as its owner will be guided to a new level of health.

Some of the Modalities used in Holistic Medicine, Modern Drugs, Surgery and Diagnostics:

Behavior Modification - Ethology, biology, nutrition, pharmacology, lifestyle evaluation and aspects of modern psychotherapy.

Herbal Medicine - Specific herbs and plants. Western herbs, Ayurvedic herbs from India, traditional

Chinese herbs and other herbs from all over the world. Herbs have healing powers that are capable of balancing the emotional, mental and physical dimensions of animals.

Homeopathy - remedies are from plants, minerals, drugs, viruses, bacteria or animal substances. These remedies do not mask or suppress symptoms, they treat the deepest causes of the illness.

Nutritional Therapy - Proper nutrition is the best preventative medicine.

Veterinary Chiropractic

~American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

I have been reading a lot on holistic medicine and am surprised on a couple things that I have found.

Conventional kibble could be slowly killing your pets!

Many conventional kibble products, or pet foods that come dried in bags, contain animal by-products, chemical additives and other questionable ingredients that could be slowly killing your pets.
Even the more expensive pet food brands contain some of these questionable ingredients, which include things like leftover animal parts ground up from "4-D" livestock. The 4-D part refers to dead, dying, disabled and diseased animals that are considered unfit for human consumption, and the by-products of these animals are routinely added to pet kibble. "According to the online pet pharmacy, PetMeds, by-products are 'the leftover parts of the animal that are not suitable for human consumption' and can include animal pieces such as necks, feet, bones, intestines and lungs," Besides animal by-products, most conventional pet foods are loaded with all sorts of other ingredients that no mammal should ever consume. Many dog food brands that contain fish meat also contain ethoxyquin, a preservative chemical linked to cancer causation. Many pet foods are also heavily composed of grains like wheat and corn which, besides their potential GM status, are not healthy for pets. Dogs in particular thrive on raw diets composed of healthy meats, fish and vegetables, not processed grains and chemical additives.

Learn more:

Now this information is a tad bit contradicting to another post I made a couple weeks ago pertaining to chicken by-products, so it makes you wonder what is factual and what we should believe. Pretty scary if you think about it, so make sure if your pet's health and wellness is a top priority, be sure to do your research before feeding your babies!

One size fits all?

Over the years, devoted toy breed dog owners have wondered why our tiny balls of fluff receive the same dose of vaccine as large breeds. It doesn't seem to make sense that a five pound Maltese or Yorkie should receive the same size vaccination as a 120 + pound Great Dane! Vaccinations protect against illness, and are an important issue in veterinary care. 

Research was done by American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation to look further into the question of do the little dogs need the same dosage of vaccines as large dogs? 

This formal study is based upon nearly five decades of personal clinical and research experience with vaccinations in companion animals. This experience has shown that the dose of canine distemper virus (CDV) and canine parvovirus (CPV) vaccines can be reduced to 50%, but not more, for small breed and breed type dogs, based on body weight, and still convey full duration of immunity. They are continuing the research and it will take 6-12 months to complete. You can follow their continued research on their website.

My Sebastian (American Staffordshire Terrier) passed away from cancer in 2011. Now I'm not saying that he passed because I did the "traditional" shots every year, which are now being said as not necessary to be given every year. There were several times when he had an injury or not feeling well and we went to the vet to get meds, either an antibiotic or steroid. And I also gave him the dried dog food from the bag for many years, not even thinking about the ingredients as it wasn't as talked about as it is now. Could both of those things contributed to him getting cancer at the age of 12? With all the information that is passed onto us humans as to what we should be doing and not doing as far as medications and the side effects, as well as the foods that are good and bad for us, why wouldn't we want to take that information into consideration when it comes to our pets? No they don't live forever, but if we adopt a pet, we are taking responsibility for that animal and we should give them the best life possible. If that's what we want for ourselves, then we should do the same for them. A thought for the day.... 


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

An update to yesterday's pooch that was to be euthanized...

A quick note to let you know that....
Thank you Rebound Hounds ResQ for saving Princess!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Good advice gone bad...

"While it's easy to give advice it takes humility and courage to be open to receiving advice and see it as one of the greatest expressions of love and care."

Have you ever tried to give well meaning advice and your friend or family member stubbornly refused it? Perhaps you tried to prevent an obvious disaster but the person you care about wants to do it their way?

Welcome to planet earth! People generally don't like receiving unsolicited advice, although we all love to give it. But if you dive deeper into the nooks and crannies of the human mind, you'll see that fear and ego can sometimes get in the way of the health and well-being of your dog.

Most people genuinely care about their animals and hearing that they could do something differently puts them on the defensive. Although they really want to do things right for their dog, they view well-meaning advice as a way of saying that they are neglecting their dog.

Personally, I am open to any kind of advice that is given to me in any area of my life, especially my dog. There are so many resources out there that can be researched to get the yays or nays about it, so why get on the defense and take offense? By receiving advice from someone doesn't mean you have to do it! Be thankful that there are caring people out there passing along something they experienced and want to share! Its up to you with how you proceed with that information.

Facebook has it's good and bad. A lot of things that are posted are questionable as being factual and a lot that has truth to it. I, to no surprise have a lot of dog pages that I have liked and see a lot of interesting information that can be helpful. There are also a lot of rescue pages that share a lot of dogs that are in need of homes. What an awesome way to get these pups out there and passed along in this country in the hopes of finding a foster home to get them off of the euthanasia list and eventually into their forever home.With statistics showing that there are 9,000 dogs killed a DAY in shelters, the more exposure these babies can get, the better.

Some of the pages that I like and see do wonders for these dogs are.....

~ Lady Bug the Pibble Mix - This page was started for a dog that was found on the streets. Their owner rescued her and called her Lady Bug. They are always passing along dogs that are in shelters and only have hours to live before they are euthanized. Most of the time, a little later that day they will share the same dog as being saved! Always nice to see. 

~ Second Chance Rescue NYC - Second Chance is a 501c3 animal rescue organization that specializes in helping the Pit Bull Terrier dog. They focus on medical cases as well as abused & neglected animals. They believe all animals deserve a Second Chance. Their website is  Check out their page, maybe you can save one of their babies!

~Ellie the pit bull - She is a beautiful pit bull who became 2013's American Dog Hero. Awesome as a pit she was recognized. Her page pretty much shows what she does to help people as a therapy dog and spreads the word about pit bulls and how good the breed really can be. 

~ Dog Naturally Magazine - This page shares a lot of information if you are looking to care for your pets more holistically. A lot of different things you can do for your dog without having to give them drugs and healthier ways to feed your dog besides a bag of kibble. Their website is  A lot of free online articles. Check them out!

I wont bore you with anymore.... for now. But I will pass along a cutie pie that is looking for their forever home....

Courtesy of Lady Bug the pibble mix page...
Photo: TO BE DESTROYED 05/27/14
Manhattan Center -P

My name is PRINCESS. My Animal ID # is A1000201.
I am a female tan and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 3 YEARS old.

I came in the shelter as a STRAY on 05/18/2014 from NY 10473, owner surrender reason stated was STRAY. 

05/22/2014 Exam Type RE-EXAM - Medical Rating is 3 C - MAJOR CONDITIONS , Behavior Rating is EXPNOCHILD, Weight 27.6 LBS.

scanned negative barh underweight- placed a TID feeding sign mild dental tartar no spay scar seen hyper h/l wnl abd palp wnl loud honking cough A: KEC, worse than other dogs, still active and lungs clear. P: LRS SC 300 cc x 3 d Baytril 100 0.6cc x 7d doxy 1.5 tablets SID 10 d Metacam 1.7cc today, 0.8cc thereafter PO SID 4 d

05/18/14 08:38hrs DOG INFORMATION SHEET Where did this dog come from? Stray – Outside ORIGINAL SOURCE Found as a Stray Does this dog have a microchip? No Animal’s Name: PRINCESS WHY ARE YOU BRINGING THIS DOG IN? Stray RELATIONSHIP I’ve owned him less than 1 WEEK PEOPLE Lives with _ children Does he get along with children? Yes Does he get along with strangers? Yes Has he ever bitten anyone? No Has he bitten anyone in the last 10 days? No Describe his behavior: ACTIVE OTHER ANIMALS N/A Can you describe his behavior around animals he doesn’t live with? N/A PERSONALITY Loves to play, is very active HABITS Eats dry food Eats canned food Eats both TRAINING Knows “sit” Pulls leash Goes to the bathroom wherever Does this dog have any behavioral problems that you’re aware of? If yes, please provide as much detail as possible. N\/A Does this dog have any medical problems that you’re aware of? If yes, please provide as much detail as possible. N/A Is there anything that could be done to help you keep your dog? N/A What kind of home do you think would be best for this dog? N/A Is there anything else we should know? N/A 

05/20/2014 WEB MEMO
A volunteer writes: What a pretty bouncy puppy! Everybody thinks that Princess is a babe…Not at all, she is supposed to be 3 year old but she is so tiny and thin that she passes easily for a six month old youngster. She wears a well groomed coat, owns lively eyes and pointy ears. Her nails are the longest. Princess is an active girl who does not like her small arrival kennel. She is leashed in no time and off we go for a walk around the block. She is pretty good on the leash and eliminates as soon as we leave the care center. She seems to like other dogs but avoids the threatening ones. Smart girl.. Being free in a pen is what Princess seems to like best. She will sit on command and for treats. Her manners are not the best as far as treats are concerned. She literally snatches them off my fingers. Take a good look at pretty Princess, and you will understand.. She needs to gain at least ten pounds. We are feeding her three times a day. Princess is a great ball player and …retriever. Even that she would love to keep the ball, she releases it in my hand, no guarding involved. She runs like a Cheetah and even looks at some point like a racing kangaroo, dashing through the area on her two hinds. She is quite amazing to watch…Princess is of course a sweetheart, a great lap dog, a snuggler and a kisser. She is at the Manhattan Care Center, hoping that you will lay your eyes on her, adopt her, put her in your pocket and take her home for shared wonderful years to come. 

Princess pulls hard and is very active on leash. She greeted the assessor with a soft body and wagging tail and then proceeded to investigate her surroundings. Princess maintained soft body language throughout the handling items of the assessment. She was stiff and began to take bigger bites during the food bowl test. Princess was underweight and under a special feeding schedule at the time of assessment. She stood over the toy with stiff body language and she held onto the rawhide with stiff body language. Princess rushed in quickly with confident body language during the dog-to-dog interaction. Princess displayed concerning behavior during the food, toy, and rawhide tests. When the assessor attempted to take the toy away, she rushed over with stiff body language and prevented the assessor from taking it away. Princess did not engage with the toy until the assessor had attempted to take it away. The behavior department recommends that she go to an experienced home without children. Look: 2. Dog pulls out of Assessor's hands each time without settling during three repetitions. Sensitivity: 2. Dog is active and focused on the Assessor and all other stimuli available. Her body is soft, likely panting, likely to display high movement between attempts. Tag: 2. Dog is not fearful, but is unresponsive to the Assessor, and approaches the Assessor at the end of the game (may need coaxing to approach.) she is focused on stimuli other than the Assessor. Squeeze 1: 1. Dog gently pulls back her paw. Squeeze 2: 1. Dog gently pulls back her paw. Food 3. Dog gulps food, begins to eat faster and with bigger bites, body stiff. She does not lift head when hand is applied to cheek. Toy 3. Dog takes away, keeps a firm hold. Her body is stiff. Dog - dog 2. Dog approaches the helper dog, body soft, tail well above spine level, ears forward. Helper: A1000209 

Medical rating was 2 NC - MINOR CONDITIONS NOT CONTAGIOUS, behavior rating was NONE
scanned negative barh underweight- palced TID feeding sign mild dental tartar applied advantage for flea prevention no spay scar seen long nails- clipped

Medical rating 3 C - MAJOR CONDITIONS , behavior rating EXPNOCHILD
scanned negative barh underweight- placed a TID feeding sign mild dental tartar no spay scar seen hyper h/l wnl abd palp wnl loud honking cough A: KEC, worse than other dogs, still active and lungs clear. P: LRS SC 300 cc x 3 d Baytril 100 0.6cc x 7d doxy 1.5 tablets SID 10 d Metacam 1.7cc today, 0.8cc thereafter PO SID 4 d


Additional photos:

Previous thread:

Original thread:

                                                                                                                                          For more information on adopting from the NYC AC&C, or to find a rescue to assist, please read the following:

For more info on behavior codes and ratings, please read here:

For more information on a particular dog, email but ONLY if serious about adopting, and ONLY if you are able to GO TO the shelter in-person. Please do not email for status updates... the only thing you will accomplish is spamming their inbox and causing REAL adopter emails to go unnoticed.

Contact the NYC ACC at (212) 788-4000 for further automated instructions.
Another hold that did not happen!
Princess back on the list
Manhattan Center -PMy name is PRINCESS. My Animal ID # is A1000201.I am a female tan and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 3 YEARS old.I came in the shelter as a STRAY on 05/18/2014 from NY 10473, owner surrender reason stated was STRAY.

                      And not to leave out a funny for the day....

                                  Happy Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What dogs notice on their walks and what is it telling us to do?

I was talking with a friend of mine today and she was talking about her 15 month old son and how when she walks out to the car, how long it takes to get to the car because he notices everything there is to see on the way. What would take 30 seconds can take up to 3 minutes. A leaf blowing by, a colorful flower petal that blew off the tree, someone walking down the street... (you get where I am going).  It could be anything and he stops to check it out. 

Now I know we don't have time to take a 30 sec walk and turn it into a 3 minute walk just to notice everything that we may see on the way, but if we did slow down just a bit to notice the little things, would we still get the same amazement and enjoyment?

Dogs are the same way, especially puppies. A few years back I had a client who was about 7 months and we were on our walk, it was a warm day so we took a break in the grass under a tree. We were sitting there and he was looking all over, curious as ever and here comes this leaf blowing down the street. He jumps up and just stares as it flies by. It was so intriguing for him just to watch the leaf. Being a puppy that could have very well been the first leaf he has ever seen, but it makes you stop and think. Dogs are always stopping to sniff the tree and smell the plants or the grass (of course we know why they are sniffing but that's besides the point). Always wanting to be pleasant and say hello to passing humans and other canine relatives. (Most times) I have this pug that I walk and there is this plant that we pass and she has to stop to smell it every time! I always think she's stopping to say "Hi plant, how's it goin?" 

As we all know, dogs are amazing creatures. They are always happy to see us, lick away our tears, always rubbing all over us as to "mark" us to say that we are theirs. They are always there no matter what. Pure love... And the next time you are walking your dog, watch what they do, where they are sniffing and see past the "dog reason", they just might be telling you something. Slow down and enjoy your surroundings. :) 
These 3 "heart shaped" rocks I found on 3 different walks.
Now matter how you look at it, dogs are love, give love and surround you with love. Slow down and take it all in.