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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Things that make you go hmmmmm?????

I am dog sitting my sister’s dog Diego, while she is underway with the Navy.  I watch him as he settles down for the night and he climbs on the dog bed and circles like 4 times before he plops down. Why do dogs that do that? Then after a few minutes, he gets up and starts “digging” a hole in the blanket rip and tear and then plop down again. Does it stir up all of the scents that have been lying there all day? Is it like what we do when we flip the pillow during the night, looking for the cool side of the blanket?

Why do you think a dog needs to change up his "greeting locations"? Currently Diego will be standing on the corner of the throw rug. He will be there for a few months and then he’ll find a new spot. One of his favorite spots will be sitting at the top of the stairs, wait for you to close the door and then he’ll fly down the stairs to give you what I call a high five. A few months later he is sitting on the corner of the couch. He has to change the location every few months! What's that about?

I love it when dogs have to get a toy before they greet you. They are the cutest thing to have a killed stuffed animal hanging out of their mouths as they come running towards you.  They won’t give it to you, it’s like “you can look ma, but you can’t touch!” Dogs have the thought of “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is also mine!” J

 Now I’m not one to feed my dog table scraps or a lot of people food, but it has been a habit of both mine and my sisters to let the dogs lick the very last of milk from the bowl. Dogs are something else. They know what you have when you have the bowl, they usually lay down at a distance when you start eating and then it’s like music to their ears when that spoon hits the bottom of the bowl! They are up and know that you are almost finished and milk is coming their way. It amazes me that they know the peanut butter lid when it hits the counter! They know a snap of a container and that its treat time. They could be outside and all the way across the yard and the pealing of the dog food can lid opens, it’s like they cross their arms, blink their eyes, nod their heads and poof there they are standing looking at ya! Amazing what they can hear! (at times that is!) :)

Dogs are the best. They give us love, companionship; they are faithful and just the best company anyone could ask for.  The stories they give us to share. I am so blessed to have so many of them “in my life”. As a dog walker, I look forward to every day that I get to spend with my doggie friends and the smiles that they give me will last a lifetime.

Love when the Holidays come around!

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