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Sunday, June 5, 2011

A very blessed dog walker.....

I have always looked at some people and have thought boy it would be nice to have the life that they have!

I am not one that needs to have all the "bling". I don't need to have all the shiny things that are out there. I am very content living the simple life. I was walking my dogs this weekend and realized that I have that life that I wished I would have. No I don't have a lot of fancy things or a huge house to live in or a fancy car in the driveway. BUT I don't have to get up to the sound of that annoying alarm clock every day. I don't have to go into work and read 20 emails asking me to solve all the world's problems by 7am. I can sleep in and get up at 8 if I wanted to. It's a beautiful day and I get to spend it outside walking a dog or two. To me that is "that life"!

I didn't graduate from High School but I did get my GED a year earlier than if I had actually stayed in school. I had a few jobs in my life where I was working behind a desk, pushing paper and working for people who really didn't care about you, they just wanted to see the work get done. This was not what I call "that life". I have always loved dogs and wanted to do something with dogs. I had tried getting a job at a local SPCA or a vet's office but unfortunately I am allergic to cats so working at those kinds of places really wasn't an option for me. So I decided to start a dog walking / pet sitting business! I started the business 4 years ago part time so I could still keep my full time job for the steady income. I also thought it was a smart idea to start off slow, get my name out there and eventually make the transition of doing it full time. Well a little over a month ago that happened for me! I was really nervous about quitting my job, really didn't sleep that much for the two weeks that I had left, but something was telling me it was time.

I listen to Joyce Meyers who is a Christian preacher and one thing that is always in my head is you have to take that chance to get the life that God has planned for you. People tend not to take that first step because they cant see what's next. Well God isn't going to give that next step to you until you take that first step and trust that he will not let you fall and that everything will work out the way it's supposed too.

I feel I am very blessed because since quitting my job, I have been busy with the business, been feeling happy inside and out, I got back into going to the gym and getting in shape and enjoying "that life". I have awesome clients, have made friends with close to all of them. All of my doggies love me and my schedule has fallen into place to where 99% of the time, I can accommodate everyone that calls me. I am very grateful for everything that has come my way and look forward to what is to come! All this has happened to me because after 4 years I got enough courage to take that first step! I know I am a dog walker and not someone in a management position for some big corporation and that is A OK with me!

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