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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A couple good websites to check out......


I have come across a couple websites that may be helpful to you and also helpful to shelter dogs as well!
The first link is for a website that has all kinds of information pertaining to dogs. Here is a quote from their website.

"This site is a gathering place for pet lovers to share and enjoy articles, tips, columns, and stories ... some are educational, others heartwarming, and still others are published just to bring a smile to your face."
The second link is for the Animal Rescue Site. There are a lot of sponsors that you can click on and with every purchase that you make through any of their sites, a donation is made to local shelters. You can also set up an email reminder for yourself everyday to click a button and when you click all of the sponsors will donate .6 bowls of food for shelter dogs. How can you go wrong with that! It takes 5 seconds to click and a doggie is fed!
Happy Clicking!!

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