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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What dogs notice on their walks and what is it telling us to do?

I was talking with a friend of mine today and she was talking about her 15 month old son and how when she walks out to the car, how long it takes to get to the car because he notices everything there is to see on the way. What would take 30 seconds can take up to 3 minutes. A leaf blowing by, a colorful flower petal that blew off the tree, someone walking down the street... (you get where I am going).  It could be anything and he stops to check it out. 

Now I know we don't have time to take a 30 sec walk and turn it into a 3 minute walk just to notice everything that we may see on the way, but if we did slow down just a bit to notice the little things, would we still get the same amazement and enjoyment?

Dogs are the same way, especially puppies. A few years back I had a client who was about 7 months and we were on our walk, it was a warm day so we took a break in the grass under a tree. We were sitting there and he was looking all over, curious as ever and here comes this leaf blowing down the street. He jumps up and just stares as it flies by. It was so intriguing for him just to watch the leaf. Being a puppy that could have very well been the first leaf he has ever seen, but it makes you stop and think. Dogs are always stopping to sniff the tree and smell the plants or the grass (of course we know why they are sniffing but that's besides the point). Always wanting to be pleasant and say hello to passing humans and other canine relatives. (Most times) I have this pug that I walk and there is this plant that we pass and she has to stop to smell it every time! I always think she's stopping to say "Hi plant, how's it goin?" 

As we all know, dogs are amazing creatures. They are always happy to see us, lick away our tears, always rubbing all over us as to "mark" us to say that we are theirs. They are always there no matter what. Pure love... And the next time you are walking your dog, watch what they do, where they are sniffing and see past the "dog reason", they just might be telling you something. Slow down and enjoy your surroundings. :) 
These 3 "heart shaped" rocks I found on 3 different walks.
Now matter how you look at it, dogs are love, give love and surround you with love. Slow down and take it all in.

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