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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dogs 101 - Ever see the program?

Dogs 101 is a program that airs on Animal Planet and provides people a lot of information about breeds of dogs, their health, grooming, family friendly, easily trainable and much more. It is a great program that will help you if you are looking to adopt a dog. A lot of people will adopt a dog because of how they look and then find out that the dog doesn't quite fit into their lifestyle and then the poor dog heads off to the shelter.

A few examples of cute puppies that when grown up turn into a handful if you aren't expecting it!

Welsh Corgi - they are cute, small and look like a cuddle dog. I call them the "low riders" because they are a little longer and low to the ground. They fall into the breed category of the Herding Dogs. Did you know that these little  dogs were used to herd cattle? This breed was used back in the day and could very well still be used as herding dogs. They would nip at the cattle heels and drive them as far afield as desired. Since this was something that they did, people today bring these little guys home and wonder why they do the same thing to them! They have a bold outlook, but are kind. They are far from shy!

Jack Russell - What a cutie pie! They are a fox hunting breed. They are buoyant and intelligent, determined and relentless. They are endowed with an inability to quit and no capacity to feel fear, regardless of the odds or consequences. They are very independent and energetic and they require his due portion of attention. They can be aggressive towards other dogs. That sounds like a lot of work for such a cute face!

These are just a couple examples of dogs that are small and cute as anything but once you get the home, they are more than a couple hands full! So if you are looking for a dog to adopt, check out Dogs 101 and see what kind of dog would work for you! Too many dogs are brought home and then shortly brought to the pound because that cute face was more than people could handle. The dogs get older and are stuck in shelters not trained and then their time runs out. Do your homework before bringing your dog home and make sure that you can provide them their forever home!

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